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Welcome to the Forward Line!
Welcome to our website!

The <The Forward Line> is role-playing guild on the Wyrmrest Accord-US server. We founded our guild during the Mists of Pandaria expansion, and many of us have remained guildsmates and close friends over the lifetimes of the Warlords of Draenor and Legion expansions. We've told a lot of great stories and made a lot of great friends along the way.

In Azeroth, the Forward Line is a band of veteran champions, operatives and specialists joining forces to defend the Horde's interests however they can, by blade, spell, healing word, or manufacturing of arms and ordinance. As a highly skilled task force, there's no battle they can't fight, no problem they can't solve, no enemy they can't blow up or bleed out.

We're going into Battle for Azeroth with a focus on a more casual and laid-back approach to the game, with an interest in Warfronts, Island Expeditions, Mythic Dungeons, and other group content offered in Battle for Azeroth.

If you're looking to join our guild, we appreciate the interest. Recruitment is not a heavy focus for our guild at this time. If you're really looking to settle in a low-commitment, laid back guild and play things at a more casual level with gameplay and RP, seek us out in-game or submit an application.

Please Note:
We are currently reassessing recruitment needs. In the meantime, we will take applications from only a select few individuals at the behest of the leadership.

There are no plans to include orc characters from the AU Draenor/WoD universe.
Yes, we know they are canon. We just don't like that part of the WOW story.